Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spotlight: Port of Call

♥We love finding new restaurants or places to eat and sharing them with our readers! This month's pick is Port of Call, down in New Orleans. It has the look and feel of eating on the dock of the bay! Which is really cool, since New Orleans has a port of call (cruise terminals).♥

Located in the French Quarters, this cozy little pick is a favorite of many of the locals & tourist who visit throughout the year! Due to their popularity, you might want to arrive early! We had to wait an 1hr and 20 minutes just to be seated!

They are known for the quarter pound burgers and fully loaded baked potatoes! Trust it was worth the wait!

Do you think you can defeat the famous quarter pounder & bake potatoe combo in one sitting?! Don't let the picture fool you---it was a whole lot of food..but only a little me!

What's you favorite restaurant? Or favorite meal at a restaurant?


Nicole said...

Sounds like a challenge that the guy from Man vs. Food should attempt! LOL

I'm gonna have to say, one of my favorite restaurants is a little local place here where I live. It's an Italian restaurant and they have, without a doubt, the absolute best Chicken Parm you could ever imagine. Oh and amazing good rolls too :)

Trina Curran said...

Oh, my! Those potatoes look like heaven. Yum. My favorite place is a little Mexican food restaurant called El Paso that for some reason just tastes better than the rest. And in Texas you have to have good tex-mex. :) Thanks for stopping by my blog too!

Jordan said...

That potato looks so delicious right now!

llevinso said...

That potato looks yum! I'm going to NOLA in 7 weeks for Jazzfest. Can't wait to be back :)