Tuesday, March 15, 2011

JetSetter of the Month

This month's Jetsetter is Oneika at http://oneika-the-traveller.blogspot.com! Read on to hear about her travels to Hong Kong! Who knows maybe next month the spotlight will be shed on you!

♥Tell us about how you ended up in your city and how long you've been there.
I am currently living in Hong Kong SAR. I’ve lived here for just over a year and a half and will be here until the end of my two-year contract in June.
♥What are your favorite hotspots?
-Restaurants: Al Dente Restaurant (Soho). This Italian restaurant is one of my favourite places to eat in Hong Kong. The pasta is to die for: fresh, tasty, plentiful, and cheap! Al Dente Restaurant is run by a group of friendly people who always welcome me with open arms (I am a VERY frequent customer)!
-Salons/Spas: Gao Foot Massage (Central/LKF location). The reflexology specialists are skilled and very friendly. The location is large, clean, and they provide you with tea and a scented, heated shoulder cushion pad/thingy that is very relaxing. Love it!
-Nightlife/Bars: Solas (Central)-On a Friday or Saturday night this bar/nightclub is popping. It’s located on Wyndham Street in the Hong Kong Central area on a block of other bars, restaurants where you can go to dance and to see and be seen.

-Shopping: Elements Mall (Kowloon metro stop). This mall has all of my fav “Western” stores: H&M, Zara, etc. and is a lot less busy than some of the other malls in the city. Mongkok Ladies’ Market (Mongkok metro stop). Get all of your brick-a-brack/souvenir stuff here and have fun bargaining for it.

-Culture/Museums: The Hong Kong Convention Centre & The Hong Kong Performing Arts Centre always have good concerts on.

♥What areas or neighborhoods are best for first time travelers?
The Central neighborhood has the bright lights, big city feel that Hong Kong is known for. Skyscrapers and neon lighting reign here. Sheung Wan has a more “local” Chinese feel and is just a short walk away from Central. The Peak gives stunning views of the city (take the Peak tram to get up there!) while a hike to Big Wave Bay or Shek-O beach show the softer, quieter, nature side of Hong Kong. As for sites, definitely go see the Big Buddha world as it is the largest seated Buddha in the world. Also, the site of the 10,000 Buddhas in the New Territories of Hong Kong is a must-see!

♥What makes your city different from any other city?

Hong Kong has a unique blend of Western and Asian cultures. I liken it to an Asian New York- the city never sleeps! Topographically it is interesting- Hong Kong is made up of more than 200 islands and the difference between the hustle bustle of Central Hong Kong and the tranquility and “green-ness” of the surrounding islands (like Lamma or Lantau) is astounding.

♥Tell us about the fashion and current trends in your city.
Hong Kong style is crazy! Think Harajuku girls mixed with urban chic and you’ll get HK style. Men and women wear contrasting prints and non-complimentary colours (simultaneously) and nobody blinks an eye! Grown women wear tutus with neon fishnet tights and Chuck Taylors while guys where the SKINNIEST of skinny jeans and sport bleached blonde asymmetrical haircuts. Anything goes here!

♥What are some of your travel must-haves?
I MUST have my camera and iPod when I travel. I also need a good pair of walking shoes- when I travel I like to walk from place to place because it really gives me a feel for the city in discovering. A good day back is also essential, as well as a good rain-jacket- never know when it will rain!
♥ What advice do you have for the rest of us Jet Setting Divas looking to travel to your city in the future?
Hong Kong is fun for a few days but don’t be afraid to venture into the China mainland- it’s only one hour away via public transportation and entry visas can be acquired on the spot at the Shenzhen, China border! After the glitz and skyscrapers of Hong Kong, mainland China will be quite the change! Also, a one hour ferry ride can also take you to Macau- the Las Vegas of Asia!
Oneika Raymond is a high school teacher and travel junkie who has travelled to nearly forty countries. Originally from Canada, she is currently teaching French and English at a high school in Hong Kong and has previously taught in France and Mexico. She writes about teaching, her travels, and her life as an expat on her blog "Oneika the Traveller". http://oneika-the-traveller.blogspot.com/


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I am so jealous!!! I want to go to Asia terribly.

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This post makes me want to go back to Hong Kong again SO bad! You summed up the city perfectly :)