Meet The Divas

Meet the Divas

♥ I love to travel + explore new places
♥ I love meeting new people + hearing their own travel stories
♥ I love to shop + find the best sales out there!

♥ Joy
♥ I am a country girl at heart
♥ I love to laugh + have fun
♥ I am interested in experiencing some new and exciting things like Hot Air Ballooning, Sky Diving and the list goes on.

♥ Tiffanie
♥ Adventurous Thrill Seeker
♥ I'm an amateur photographer-love capturing all of the moments on vacations.
♥ Trying food in other countries is the best part of traveling.
♥ I love to meet new people and experience new places & cultures!

♥ Rekia
♥ My favorite color is yellow.
♥ I love to sing loudly in public places.
♥ I love to dance but have no rhythm.