Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Southern Fires

My new fave restaurant is... Southern Fires located in Detroit, Michigan! Can you say Yummy?

It reminds me of my grandmother's and my mom's home cooking! When I traveled to Michigan for my birthday, my friends took me to this place to eat and now it is all I think!

Here is the link to their site, listen to the song, it makes me giggle every time I hear it...

If you ever get the chance to go to Southern Fires, make sure you get dessert. I recommend the Strawberry Shortcake; it is big enough for 4 people to eat and sooo good!
I had the chicken with a side of Macaroni and mashed potatoes w/ gravy! You can't tell me that doesn't look good!
Here are some shots of my friends enjoying their meals! Chicken and Waffles! I really enjoyed the atmosphere of Southern Fires, it is was so nice! Again, make sure you try the Strawberry Shortcake the next time you are in town! The Jet Setting Divas love to try new restaurants, what and where is your favorite place to dine? Much love, Diva Joy

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Wedges or Flip-Flops?

Spring is here, pedicures are a must, and our well groomed toes need to be showcased!
How are you putting your toes in the spotlight?


*Pictures are courtesy of (D&G Spring 2011 Collection) and

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Welcome to the Live Music Show Capital of the World!

Hey Divas! Last weekend my friends and I jumped in the car and took a road trip to good ole Branson, Missouri!

What is so special about Branson? Well I am so glad you!

Branson is known as the Live Music Show Capital of the World! The city that sits in the Ozark Mountains has over 50 live music performance theatres, golf courses, an historic down town district, shopping and plenty of nice restaurants to name a few! It is a very budget friendly place to visit and there is something for everyone!

Check out our pictures of Branson!

King Kong, is that you? Video of some of the performance halls along the mean streets of Branson

One of our first stops at Branson Landing. Branson Landing is like going to an outdoor mall, with all of your favorite shops, restaurants, condos and more. The landing sits on the waterfront of Lake Taneycomo.

One of our first stops along Branson Landing was at Northwood's Candy Emporium! No one can resist this place!

I heart Fudge! The Chewy Praline was the best of them all! Water Fountain inside the candy emporium. Who wants a chocolate Kitchen?.... I do! Shots of Branson Landing shops!

Branson Landing has a water show. In addition to water, there is fire, light and music. The fountains shoot up to 120 feet! The fountains are even more amazing to watch at night.

Here is a link to the Fountains site for more details:

Video footage of the water show!

We had some good home cooking at Farmhouse Family Restaurant! The restaurant looked like the inside of a house! It was very cute and had some hilarious sayings on the walls! I had the Chicken Tenders! Look at those Tenders, Yum!
All the drinks are served in Mason jars to give it that country feel! Bessie had the lemonade.
Vanessa and I had the Sweet Tea! It was so good!

Vanessa concentrating on the menu.. She ended up getting the Chicken and Dumplings!
Branson has some of the best shoppes and boutiques around! We stopped at an eclectic store called Dick's 5&10! It is a huge store with all kinds of merchandise! Dick's has been in Branson for over 50 years. Here is their website, be sure to take a peep:

Vanessa and I bought some really cute Marilyn Monroe glass cups for our new house! Check out some of the other things you can find in Dicks!
The Driver Licenses had me cracking up! Too cute!
We bought some bacon flavored mints to trick our brother with! Pay back.. lol!

We had an absolute blast in Branson and next time we hope to be able to check out one the famous shows there!

Love, Peace and Blessings to ya!

Diva Joy