Sunday, March 20, 2011

Blog Crawl- Escape to Mardi Gras Madness

Hello Divas! Hope you have had a wonderful week and had a chance to check out the Blog Crawl hosted by Jillian at Cornflake Dreams! If not, you missed out on some of the fabulous vacation ideas posted by the bloggers of the crawl. To end out our week of Madness and the Blog Crawl we'd like to share photos from the madness that was Mardi Gras this year!
Plan on attending Mardi Gras Next year? Get your costume together---now! Yes, a lot of people were dressed in costume! There are a ton of parties and costume balls, so you won't be the only dressed up!

You can go as Cruella Deville!
Or as the Incredible Hulk!

Make sure you catch a day parade...

And then party the night away on Frenchmen St. (which is a less crowded/better version of Bourbon st.)

There are a few things you must absolutely do if you plan on attending mardi gras next year!
1) Do Not go on Bourbon St unless you don't mind HUUUUGE crowds. Yes I know you want to experience bourbon and get the world famous hand grenade--but it would be advised to do this maybe before 11pm (lol) to avoid being pushed and shoved by the crowd
2) Try the beignets at Cafe du Monde! Don't know what a beignet is? It is a donut covered with looots of powdered sugar goodness! It is a must!
3) Check out Frenchmen st. which is an alternative to Bourbon, with lounges & bars minus the massive/mad crowd!
4) Definitely catch the night parades!

Well--Mardi Gras this year was MAD packed and we had MAD fun! Wonder how next year will be! Don't forget to visit Jillian at Cornflake Dreams, and also don't forget tonight we are drawing a winner for our $25 giveaway for CSN stores! Hope you enjoyed your weekend!

♥ Tiffanie ♥

Friday, March 18, 2011

Bling! Bling!

Summer is just around the corner and it is prime time to Jet Set!

Every Jet Setting Diva knows to make that summer outfit perfect, you gotta have some bling bling!

If you are a Diva like me, you are always looking for a new and unique piece of jewelry to accessorize your outfits! Jewelry is so key to spruce up your clothing, especially for your next vacay!
I recently ordered some cool pieces from ooh Boutique ( ooh Boutique has some affordable and totally chic jewelry.

-Free shipping on orders $50.00 or more-
Check out some of the pieces I will be definitely be rocking on our next big getaway

I love this long chain! I can dress up a cute summer dress or add some glam to my little black dress when we go out at night.

This turquoise braided necklace and earring set is going to be perfect for a plain tee shirt or tank top! I can't wait to wear them. This set only cost $14.00!

I love this set too! It is so light, it barely feels like you are wearing any jewlery! Loves it!

I Heart these little bird earrings, they are so fun and cute. (I have been wearing these almost everyday) Cost only $8.00 I love a great deal!

I also got a free pair of sunglasses with my order

Here I am rocking the sunglasses from ooh boutique!

Where will you be shopping to get some key accessories for your next vacay?

Check you later!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Places that make you feel small!

Niagara Falls! A definite must see!

Quick Facts about Niagara Falls:
  • Niagara Falls are waterfalls of the Niagara river, its sits between Ontario and New York
  • Niagara Falls are former glaciers receded at the end of the last Ice Age
  • In a peak season, the water approaching the Falls can be as much as 202,000 cubic feet per second
  • There have been many daredevils who have braved going over the Falls in a barrel. On October 24, 1901, Annie Taylor was one of the first to go over the falls in a wooden barrel and survive! Annie was a 63 year old schoolteacher!

Below are some picture of my trip to Niagara, New York:

I love Niagara Falls! I have had the awesome opportunity to travel there with my family since I was a little girl! The Falls are so magnificient and have a way of making you feel so small when standing in awe of them! You have to go and visit to know what I am talking about!

There are several tours you can take of the falls, above is a shot of me on the Maid of the Mist tour. The Maid of the Mist is a boat tour that takes you as close to the falls as possible.

It is simply incredible! There is also the Journey behind the Falls tour, helicopter tours and great museums to check out while you are there.

Prices for Maid of the Mist:
Adults: $ 13.50
Children age 6-10: $7.85 and Children age 5 and under: FREE

Video Footage on the Maid of the Mist tour:

Feel free to laugh, I look funny in the blue rain suit! LOL

Picture of Bridal Falls from the Maid of the Mist boat!

This picture was taken from one of the look out areas in the park!

Niagra Falls State Park

Beautiful Tuplips in Niagara Falls State Park

If you get the chance to visit Niagara Falls, be sure to stay and see the Falls illuminated at night! So pretty!

Doesn't even look real, but it is!
Simply Magnificent!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

March Madness: Travel Mad Lib!

Do you remember the word game MAD LIBS? Well, I don't know if many of you remember or have ever played--but you are first asked to list a series of words (nouns,verbs, and adjectives etc) and plug them into a story! Well in keeping up with the MADNESS of MARCH, here is a Travel Mad Lib (that I found on a travel blog).Enjoy!

My travels began a year ago when I was __biking_________ and praying to ____God_______ in the washroom. Because of my ___dog_____, I realized how much I hated my life and decided right then and there to quit my job as a __rockstar_____ and travel on a journey to _____London_____, ______Thailand_____, and ________China____ by _____jet______.
In __London________ I learned to speak ___Creole________ which came in use when I had to escape a mob of angry ___Puerto Ricans________. Then I met this cute guy/girl who kept hitting on me but I was too busy eating _____pizza________ to care. In fact, I ate so much that I can't fit into my _____underwear______ anymore!
Next I traveled to ____Thailand_______ where I decided to get in touch with my spiritual side. I visited the ___Cathedral______ daily but all I could really think about was what I'm going to do now that I can't fit into my clothes anymore. Luckily I bumped into _________Obama___ one day and we spent a day bonding together by shopping at ____H&M______.
Lastly, my travels took me to _____China_____ where I raised $_____3______ by selling ________table___ to buy a house for a friend. I was also invited to a party where I met a lot of expats from _______Kenya___ . It was there when I met a really attractive ____Australian_______ and fell madly in love. As a result, I don't have time to write anymore because I haven't been out of the bedroom in days....
If you wish to know what I've been doing in said bedroom (*wink wink*), buy my sequel - it comes out in ______2012____ !

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Laughter is the best medicine!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

JetSetter of the Month

This month's Jetsetter is Oneika at! Read on to hear about her travels to Hong Kong! Who knows maybe next month the spotlight will be shed on you!

♥Tell us about how you ended up in your city and how long you've been there.
I am currently living in Hong Kong SAR. I’ve lived here for just over a year and a half and will be here until the end of my two-year contract in June.
♥What are your favorite hotspots?
-Restaurants: Al Dente Restaurant (Soho). This Italian restaurant is one of my favourite places to eat in Hong Kong. The pasta is to die for: fresh, tasty, plentiful, and cheap! Al Dente Restaurant is run by a group of friendly people who always welcome me with open arms (I am a VERY frequent customer)!
-Salons/Spas: Gao Foot Massage (Central/LKF location). The reflexology specialists are skilled and very friendly. The location is large, clean, and they provide you with tea and a scented, heated shoulder cushion pad/thingy that is very relaxing. Love it!
-Nightlife/Bars: Solas (Central)-On a Friday or Saturday night this bar/nightclub is popping. It’s located on Wyndham Street in the Hong Kong Central area on a block of other bars, restaurants where you can go to dance and to see and be seen.

-Shopping: Elements Mall (Kowloon metro stop). This mall has all of my fav “Western” stores: H&M, Zara, etc. and is a lot less busy than some of the other malls in the city. Mongkok Ladies’ Market (Mongkok metro stop). Get all of your brick-a-brack/souvenir stuff here and have fun bargaining for it.

-Culture/Museums: The Hong Kong Convention Centre & The Hong Kong Performing Arts Centre always have good concerts on.

♥What areas or neighborhoods are best for first time travelers?
The Central neighborhood has the bright lights, big city feel that Hong Kong is known for. Skyscrapers and neon lighting reign here. Sheung Wan has a more “local” Chinese feel and is just a short walk away from Central. The Peak gives stunning views of the city (take the Peak tram to get up there!) while a hike to Big Wave Bay or Shek-O beach show the softer, quieter, nature side of Hong Kong. As for sites, definitely go see the Big Buddha world as it is the largest seated Buddha in the world. Also, the site of the 10,000 Buddhas in the New Territories of Hong Kong is a must-see!

♥What makes your city different from any other city?

Hong Kong has a unique blend of Western and Asian cultures. I liken it to an Asian New York- the city never sleeps! Topographically it is interesting- Hong Kong is made up of more than 200 islands and the difference between the hustle bustle of Central Hong Kong and the tranquility and “green-ness” of the surrounding islands (like Lamma or Lantau) is astounding.

♥Tell us about the fashion and current trends in your city.
Hong Kong style is crazy! Think Harajuku girls mixed with urban chic and you’ll get HK style. Men and women wear contrasting prints and non-complimentary colours (simultaneously) and nobody blinks an eye! Grown women wear tutus with neon fishnet tights and Chuck Taylors while guys where the SKINNIEST of skinny jeans and sport bleached blonde asymmetrical haircuts. Anything goes here!

♥What are some of your travel must-haves?
I MUST have my camera and iPod when I travel. I also need a good pair of walking shoes- when I travel I like to walk from place to place because it really gives me a feel for the city in discovering. A good day back is also essential, as well as a good rain-jacket- never know when it will rain!
♥ What advice do you have for the rest of us Jet Setting Divas looking to travel to your city in the future?
Hong Kong is fun for a few days but don’t be afraid to venture into the China mainland- it’s only one hour away via public transportation and entry visas can be acquired on the spot at the Shenzhen, China border! After the glitz and skyscrapers of Hong Kong, mainland China will be quite the change! Also, a one hour ferry ride can also take you to Macau- the Las Vegas of Asia!
Oneika Raymond is a high school teacher and travel junkie who has travelled to nearly forty countries. Originally from Canada, she is currently teaching French and English at a high school in Hong Kong and has previously taught in France and Mexico. She writes about teaching, her travels, and her life as an expat on her blog "Oneika the Traveller".

Destination of the Week- 2 in 1

Spring Break and St. Patrick's Day overlap for many people. Why not relax and celebrate in the original location St. Patrick's Day began in Dublin, Ireland!
Spring Break-Relax

Stay at the Buswell Hotel with 67 suites located in the heart of Dublin

The Stephen's Green Shopping Centre has over 100 shops. Rest your feet at the quaint cafes around the shopping centre.

Indulge in a spa treatment at the Mandala Eastern Retreat Spa. Natives from Asia specialize in the Eastern Philosophy of massage.

St. Patrick's Day-Celebrate

Local events will take place all throughout the city- live music, dancers, entertainers, Guinness tastings, and complimentary local seafood

Not 100% sure about visiting Ireland? Click the link below for even more adventure on Dublin.

*all information is courtesy of

Spotlight: Port of Call

♥We love finding new restaurants or places to eat and sharing them with our readers! This month's pick is Port of Call, down in New Orleans. It has the look and feel of eating on the dock of the bay! Which is really cool, since New Orleans has a port of call (cruise terminals).♥

Located in the French Quarters, this cozy little pick is a favorite of many of the locals & tourist who visit throughout the year! Due to their popularity, you might want to arrive early! We had to wait an 1hr and 20 minutes just to be seated!

They are known for the quarter pound burgers and fully loaded baked potatoes! Trust it was worth the wait!

Do you think you can defeat the famous quarter pounder & bake potatoe combo in one sitting?! Don't let the picture fool you---it was a whole lot of food..but only a little me!

What's you favorite restaurant? Or favorite meal at a restaurant?

Monday, March 14, 2011

Thinking of Japan

We have all heard the news about the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims of Japan and surrounding areas that may have been affected.

Beware of scams when it comes to donating to Japan or Haiti

  1. Be careful who you donate to, make sure the charity is legit, to do this go to the Better Business Bureau website to checkout the organization.
  2. Do your research with the charity
  3. Watch out for texting to donate, especially on Facebook.
  4. If the organization does not have a .org at the end of the website address it could be a scam. Watch out for .com at the end of website addresses when it comes to charity organizations.
  5. Beware of door to door charity! Don’t give out any money, red flag is if they do not have any receipts to give you as proof of payment.
  6. Don’t donate using your Paypal account, this is a slick way to get a hold of your account.
  7. Remember: Before you donate money do your research and checkout the organization at Right now AT&T is offering free texting and calling to Japan.

Mingle 240

Sunday, March 13, 2011

March Madness Giveaway

♥In honor of March Madness, we Divas want to have a fun competition of our own!♥

We have an awesome giveaway for you all from CSN Promotions for a $25 gift code giveaway to any CSN store. CSN is a great website that has everything from great luggage for an upcoming summer vacation or an L Shaped Desk for your new home.

The giveaway to simple to enter:

1. Friend us on Twitter and Re-Tweet the message: Check out the Jet-Setting Divas March Madness Giveaway

2. Follow our blog and leave on a comment on this post

3. Become a fan of our Facebook page.

♥The contest ends March 20th at 7PM! ♥

Good luck to you and your team!