Travel Tips

Many people often ask us, "How are you able to organize and plan such great trips?"

Well we have decided to share with the rest of you Jet Setting Divas our Top 5 Travel Tips!

1. Plan ahead of time
In order to get the best prices it's important to plan ahead to take advantage of airfare deals and hotel discounts. This also allows everyone in he group to make the necessary preparations whether it be saving money or requesting time off at work. For cheap flights try!

2. Have an Itinerary, but don't follow it!
The divas and I usually compile of list of events, restaurants, clubs, and sights we want to see in order to make the most of our trip, but at the same time we NEVER restrict ourselves.

3. Know the purpose of you getaway
First you need to understand what it is that you and the rest of the members of your group want to get out of the vacation. Some may just want to relax, others may want to shop, while others may want to party!

4. Stick to a budget
Be honest with yourself before leaving about how much you are willing to spend on your vacation. No getaway should ever leave you stressing about how much you have left in the bank! Doing you research on prices ahead of time can save you the stress and headache down the line. Utilize to search for the best dates and prices with various airline carriers, or sign up for flight deal alerts with various websites.

5. Research!
When's hurricane season in Puerto Rico? What's the best way to get around NYC? When's the best time to book a flight to Paris? When is Jamaica's peak season? These are all questions that will save you time (and a headache) if you're properly prepared.