Friday, July 9, 2010

To Cruise or Not To Cruise

What's the best way to get a bang for your buck with vacation? CRUISES! Most people are hesitant when it comes to cruising, because it's something strange about being on a boat for 3 or 5 days. What will I do at sea for 6 days? How are the rooms? What if something happens? Well we at JSD have the inside scoop on cruises!

Q. Where can I cruise to?
A. Depending on where you are departing from just about anywhere! Most ports (where cruiseships depart from) in South Florida will cruise to places like the Bahamas, Jamaica, St. Martin/St.Thomas. Ports leaving from Mobile, Texas, or even Tampa will cruise to Mexico. Check out an Alaskan Cruise if you're feeling adventurous!

Q. About how much do they cost?
A. Depending on the length of your cruise and where it's going it can cost anywhere from as low as $200 to as high as $7000 (usually the price for 5+ destinations longer than a week). All rates are based on a double occupancy, so the more people sharing your cabin the better. Also longer cruises tend to be higher. TIP: Book well in advance!

Q. What is included with the price?
A. The best thing about cruising is the price is all inclusive! Food as well as non-carbonated beverages, and activities onboard are included with the price you pay! You are well fed morning, noon, and night plus late night hours if you're still up. What's not included is your transportation to the port (unless you book a package with a site like, alcoholic beverages, or any off-shore excursions. So just bring extra cash for souvenirs, drinks and excursions and you're all set!

Q. What is there to do on board the ship?
A. PLENTY! You will def never have a dull moment. We cruised with Royal Caribbean on their Enchantment of the Seas, and I must say there was never a moment when we were like what's next? They had musicals going on in the auditorium, a rock climbing wall, pools, a dessert showcase, karaoke, and a nightclub! The list goes on. If you find yourself asking What Next?-Relax. It's Vacation.

Miscellaneous Info
-You can also go on Island Excursions by booking through the cruiseline before you make the stops to your destination. The excursions could be a picnic at the beach or drive down to a waterfall. Don't go with a native from the island. Your best bet to STAY safe is to book your excursion with the cruiseline.

-Also, make sure you have the proper documentation to travel-cruising is INTERNATIONAL, so you will need a passport!

-If you think you will be seasick, pick up Dramamine from Walgreens!



Emdottie said...

I want to go on a cruise soooo bad. There's Carnival Cruises here in Tampa. I'm going to save up to go on one. Tooo excited :)

Jet-Setting Divas said...

Cruises are fun--and Carnival gives the best deals especially from Florida