Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Top 5 List: U.S. Cities

Every year, people all over search for the perfect vacation spot-whether its during the holiday, hot summers, or cold winters. People ♥ to travel! So having been to many places, we've made it easy for first time travelers as well as travelers looking for a change of scenery. The Top 5 Cities to Jet-Set To is your one stop guide to the best cities where you can get a bang for your buck!


♥Also known as the "Windy City", Chicago would be the perfect getaway for any ocassion or age group! ♥

The Sears Tower which is the tallest building in the U.S. gives you one of the best views of the city. Tour is $15 for Adults and $11 for kids. The line maybe long-but it moves fast! It's worth the wait.
♥The Shedd Aquarium-a large attraction! This aquarium is like no other and will definitely keep your tiny ones entertained!
♥If you're going during the summer months-don't worry its not blazing hot! It's the windy city so take advantage of the summer breezes and avoid frosty winters.
Magnificent Mile- For all you shoppers, Miracle Mile is like paradise! Store upon Stores the shopping never ends-no wonder they call it a Miracle!
♥Hotels: Try to stay close to Miracle Mile-that's where most of the shops/restaurants/ and various attractions are located.
♥DON'T Leave Until you try the Deep-Dish Pizzas
♥Try to attend the Taste of Chicago, at the end of June -4th of July weekend, where there's good music, good food and a good time. Its free admission to the event, but food and drinks are not free.


The nation's capital-a beautiful place to see whether its sunny or snowing!

♥Known for its rich history, make sure to visit the Smithsonians! Whether you're interested in the arts, aircraft history or natural science, each museum has something special to offer.
♥If you're planning a trip during the winter months, go ICE SKATING at the National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden. Prices are $6 dollars for children and $7 for adults. Plus a $3 skate rental. Cheap and Fun!
♥To take care of your shopping and eating needs, visit Union Station, located in the heart of downtown on Massachusetts Ave.
♥Visit the national monuments like the White House, Lincoln Memorial, and Capital Hill. Everyone should get a glimpse of history!
♥DO CARRY LOTS OF CASH! The cabs out there are relatively expensive. If you don't want to catch a cab, you can always catch the Metro.
♥For serious shoppers, visit the Georgetown Area for outdoor shops, boutiques and diners.


Do you ♥ fun in the SUN? Visit Miami, FL!

♥Miami has a lot to offer besides a great nightlife! Check out the International Ballet Festival of Miami, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week-Swim Edition, Miami Carnival or Miami Fashion Fest . All events are annual-so if you've already missed them, catch them next year!
♥Take part in different beach activities-jet-skiing, parasailing, or take a day cruise to the Bahamas! Your on vacation so don't limit yourself!
♥Since Miami is a mixture of different cultures, you can try different foods without leaving the country! Try Cuban Cuisine or a Jamaican Dish. Be Daring in the city that sizzles!
♥DO carry sunscreen/sunblock. You might be on vacation but your skin is not!
♥DO bring extra BIKINIS/TRUNKS! You'll want to live on the beach!
♥Take a tour-see things you wouldn't normally see if you were partying or on the beach.


Is Las Vegas the city that never sleeps? Visit and find out!

♥Las Vegas is known for its infamous strip, and believe us its HUGE! There are a lot of things to see and do, day and night---so no wonder you get no sleep!
♥Visit the hotels-yea you may think for what? But, each hotel has something different to offer- visit New York New York and ride a rollercoaster that soars over a faux NYC skyline or go to the top of a scaled down version of the Eiffel Tower at Paris Las Vegas.
♥Check out the buffets. The top two are the ones at Mandalay Bay and Bellagio.
♥Ladies if you're feeling daring (as you should!) take pole dancing classes at Stripper 101. A fun way to get a mini workout in & get souvenirs!
♥To get away from life on the strip, visit Fremont Street downtown to leave with another outlook on Vegas
♥DO carry lost of cash if you plan on gambling!
REMEMBER: What happens in Vegas, STAYS in Vegas! So have fun...we won't tell!


The city where dreams come true-no wonder it's number one on our list

♥NYC is a must-see, and should be at the top of any travelers list!
♥Outside of being known for its incredible fashion and fast-paced life, New York has major attractions like the lovely Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building , or The Bronx Zoo. Take in all NYC has to offer.
♥Visit Ripley's Believe it or Not at Times Square and Madison Square Garden. Bring a camera to capture cool photos!
♥If you're visiting during the summer months, catch a concert on the Today show.
♥SHOP! NYC is known for its trendy citizens, so grab nice garments to bring back an show off. Visit Grand Central Station or Madison Ave to grab items you'll only find in New York!
♥DO try the Cheesecake and a nice slice of New York Pizza. You'll thank us later.
♥Catch a Broadway Show. Tickets may be pricy but hey you only live once...and its NYC.


Kai said...

You have it pegged for the Top 5. I also enjoy San Diego. It has some of the most beautiful weather in America.
That is awesome you find the time and the money to travel. It is one of those luxuries, we should all take a part in.

Jet-Setting Divas said...

I have never been to San Diego--but I may have to add that on my list!

EmDottie said...

My family is from Chi-Town. I love it there. I've never been to DC but I want to intern there, Miami is the SHIT! (I love living in FL sometimes.)
I'm going to Vegas next year when I turn 21 (chyea!) and I want to go shopping in NYC. So. Bad.

Jet-Setting Divas said...

You're going to have fun in VEGAS..I love Florida! We're FAMU alum :)

Side Street Style said...

Hey loving the blog....saw it on 20 Something bloggers and now following.

My top 5 places I have jet set too and simply love is - Cape Town, Monaco, Paris, Amsterdam and Barcelona.

Hope you stop by mine
Laura x

Jet-Setting Divas said...

Those are all places that I would love to visit some day. Especially Paris!