Saturday, July 31, 2010

Travel Like A Diva: Airplane Must-haves

All Jet Setting Divas, know that it's not just about being fabulous at the destination, but you have to travel in style as well. No matter if it's a 30 minute plane ride or a 10 hour journey, a Jet Setting Diva has got to be prepared for the ride.I'll be listing my Top 5 Airplane essentials.

I love having my iPhone with me on the plane because it's really an all in one for me. I can listen to music, watch movies, and relax to an audiobook. It keeps me entertained for hours of fun on the plane ride.

Good Book
I also like to use long plane rides as a way to catch up on some reading. I like to bring along my fave book and get lost in the story.

Comfy Sweater

If you're always cold like me, don't forget to being a sweater. I hate freezing through an entire flight, so I make sure to bring my favorite comfy sweater to help me get comfortable.


For those early morning flights, where you need to catch up on your zzz's, make sure you pack a pillow. I'm a fan of those neck pillows because their small and easy to stuff in a carry on and can still help me to relax for the ride.

Face Refresher Spray

Something about a plane ride always seems to dry out my skin. In order to look revived and fresh upon landing I like to pack something that can give my skin that quick pick me up. I like the Evian mineral spray because it's full of minerals that revives the skin and sets my makeup.

Cute Tote Bag

I like to keep a cute tote to carry all of my travel essentials. Finding something that's stylish yet functional is the key.

Yummy Snacks
I get hungry easily and with the ridiculous prices airports and airplanes charge for a snack, it's best just to pack your own!

So, Jet Setters, now that I've told you the essentials that I need for the plane, what are some of yours?


Jen said...

I'm with you on all of those essentials, especially the snacks, sweater, and good book!

I didn't know Evian made such a thing, but now I want it!

~*mb*~ said...

i love this list! especially the tote. I also always have my kindle on comes in handy when im browsing the bookstore before the flight and then just download what i like before i even make it to the gate!

dev said...

I agree that those are the essentials for a plane ride. I also usually bring a magazine, a puzzle book, and a bottle of water if it is going to be a long journey. I get bored so easily on planes so I over prepare haha.

Stopping by from 20SB!

Brittany said...

I definitely agree with your list! I always struggle on which books to bring. I am a super fast reader, so I have to bring a couple and they use valuable packing space! I have been thinking about the Kindle, but they are so expensive! I love your blog! Just found it on 20SBs!

Janet said...

Hey Girls, Just came across your blog and think its a fabulous idea...good resource for 'flashbackers'. :) Looking forward to future posts.

Jet-Setting Divas said...

I'm glad you ladies love the list! Keep it in mind when you go on your next vacation! Also check back for more list and quick tips!

Kai Elan said...

Oh yes, to seeing a blog like this! A long international flight is in my immediate future. I need tips such as these, and I will make sure to follow them. Thanks, ladies!