Saturday, June 5, 2010

This past weekend, to celebrate the Memorial Weekend holiday we warmed up in beautiful Puerto Rico for a weekend getaway filled with adventure and fun!

Destination: San Juan, Puerto Rico

What to Do:

-Eat at J Taste a Japanese infusion restaurant, with a Hibachi grill

-Eat at Sofia's Kitchen in Old San Juan for an authentic Italian dinner. We ate here to celebrate Tiffanie's Birthday.

-Avoid the Ocean Front Hacienda Resaturant at all costs! We thought we could get an authentic meal, but the service was terrible, the waitress didn't understand any English, and the food was sub-par

-El Yunque Rainforest Tour Admire the waterfalls, nature, and the pure beauty of this rainforest. A must see! We utilized a tour guide, but it's not necessary.

-Tour the Forts. For those of you looking to learn some history as well as culture of Puerto Rico, be sure to visit the Colombus Forts.

-Spend a day shopping in Old San Juan. Old San Juan has a plethora of unique shops. Drop in to the Haitian Art Gallery which has African and Latin influenced jewelry and artwork. Check out the cute necklace Tiffanie picked up from there! And for those who love a good sale like us, check out the outlets--we spent too much time in the Coach outlet, but they were having a sale, so can you blame us?!

-Relax at the beach or poolside. Unfortunately for us, it was a rainy week in PR, so we didn't get to take advantage of the beach and pool as much as we would have liked to

-Nightlife is a plenty in Puerto Rico. Check out Senor Frogs and Brava for a fun night out. Since it was Memorial Day weekend, there were parties everywhere. We went to Lisa-Raye's All White Party.

What to See:

-The Bacardi Factory If you're a Bacardi fanatic or even if you're not, this tour is interesting to learn about the history of how Bacardi came about. And if all else fails, you can enjoy your complimentary mixed drink!

Where to Stay:

-Choose a hotel located on the beachfront, that way you'll have a great view and won't be too far from the beach

-Condado, Isla Verde, and Old San Juan are the major tourist areas to stay in

-We chose the Conrad at Condado and it was a great choice (clean, great location, restaurants inside and within walking distance)

Extra Tips

-Do your research! There is no need to pay for a tour to Bacardi Tour or the Christopher Columbus Forts. The Bacardi Tour is completely FREE and entry into the Forts is only $3.00.

-If you have a big group it is best to travel by taxi. Most taxis have a set rate and will allow you to split the cost between the group.

-You don't need a passport to travel to Puerto Rico and it is highly Americanized, so you will not have a problem communicating or getting around town.

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OMG the girls and I are going to have to take a "cookies and cream" picture like this. We just need to find somewhere to go! LOL