Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Travelista Tuesday featuring Whitnee Boyd

It's Travelista Tuesday and we want the to introduce you to our friend, Whitnee Boyd!

Beaches of Montego Bay, Jamaica 

Victory after hiking and zip-lining in the beautiful country of Panama.

Nice and clearly hilarious walk with cousins following a wine tour in the Bay Area. 

"Road trip time! Travel with me. Picture a minimum of 10 vehicles loading up from rural Arkansas headed to Chicago for the weekend. Just like any good southern mother, my mom and aunts ordered all the girls three-piece luggage sets...of course with monogramming! Each year my parents would take my brothers and I on trips to visit family, for church conferences, and more. I knew then at a young age, I wanted to travel the globe. Those road trips, that luggage set, all of this sparked the interest for me early-on and now my travel and adventure bucket list is endless. My passion for travel is fulfilled through my own personal travel and operating my own travel business, Violet Voyage Travel! This opportunity allows me to help my clients realize their dreams of vacationing across the world and allows me to feed into my entrepreneurial spirit. It's been an amazing journey. I'm currently a full-time doctoral student studying Higher Education Leadership at TCU, so operating my own business and taking time to travel and explore have served as a method of relaxation and self-care. No time to wait for whatever is next to see the world and resist my inner wanderlust. I'm all about making it happen and creating memories now.  Back to that road trip, I'm still taking road trips with that same group of cousins and my siblings. But now we take flights and go on crazy adventures each year in various countries. Why wait? Travel now. Let me help you. You can contact me for any of your travel needs via email at whitnee.boyd@gmail.com or follow my next road trip via social media IG and Twitter: theTALENTED_10."

Whitnee D. Boyd
Violet Voyage Travel

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