Sunday, April 10, 2016

Travel With Purpose

Consider your next trip traveling with a purpose in mind. According to DiscoverCorps- The Volunteer Traveler you will be able to learn more about the culture. "Immersing yourself in a certain topic will open doors to experiences that you might not have been exposed to otherwise", says

This past March the JetSetting Divas visited the Dominican Republic. We made it a point to visit the local schools and communities. Often times travelers want to stay in the "tourist" areas and not explore. We were fortunate to in Punta Cana to have a tour guide that took us off the "beaten path" to see and explore the country.  Learning about the educational system was a very eye opening experience. On your next trip, JSD encourages you take some time and explore beyond the tourist areas.  The pictures of us visiting a local school in the DR are below! #jetsettingdivas #travel #travelwithpurpose #volunteer #giveback #ttot

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