Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Wanderlust Wednesday: Malawi

My my do we have a treat for you- today's Wanderlust Wednesday takes us to Malawi!

Landlocked in southeastern Africa, Malawi is home to some of the best natural wonders including Mount Mulanje and Nyika Plateau. If you want to get lost in wildlife and culture, pursue a mission trip-enjoy a romantic adventure with a loved one, Malawi is just for you!

Where to stay?

It wouldn't be right if we went to Malawi, and did not stay at one of their top resorts! Since opening in 2000, Kaya Mawa, has received several notable awards. From the top 10 Most Romantic Places in the Word to the 3rd Best Beach Property in Africa (2013), Kaya Mawa has a lot of appeal to attract any traveler. You can partake in water activities, enjoy beautiful views, spend a day at the spa or relax on the beach. And the food? Well if you're a foodie, there is something for you too- freshly prepared food that is sure to soothe the soul! It is no wonder this resort has received so many awards!

What should we see?

Glad you asked! As mentioned before, Malawi is known for it's beautiful landscape and wildlife! While you are there, get beautiful pictures of Mount Mulanje. Towering at almost 3,000 meters, it is the highest mountain in central Africa. Get your cameras ready!

Next stop is Nyika Plateau National Park! This is Malawi's largest park. It also has one of the highest densities of leopards in central Africa! You can explore Nyika with conventional 4x4 excursions.

Last but certainly not least, is Lake Malawi. Also known as "Lake of Stars", this is one of the largest lakes in the world. This picture above doesn't do it any justice!

What are some other activities?

Just like any other place where this water, beach and wildlife, you can enjoy other activities like Safaris (try Vwaza Wildlife Reserve), snorkeling, water skiing, boat trips etc. If you are into culture, get into the arts! There are plenty of music, dance and theatre shows to see. Or if you want to travel with a purpose like JSD's Joy, you can always visit Malawi for a mission trip!

JSD's Joy in Malawi September 2015

Malawi truly has something for everyone! Well, we hope you have enjoyed this edition of Wanderlust Wednesday!

Photo credit for Kaya Mawa- official website.

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