Monday, August 27, 2012


Ever wanted to go on a quick LAST minute trip, but were afraid you wouldn't be able to find a decent price for flights? Well fret no futher my jet setters, Priceline may be just the site you're looking for when in need. 

Priceline advertises all the time they can help you negotiate your own price and I can honestly say the Name your Own Price tool really works! I was searching for a last minute flight to New Orleans for Fourth of July weekend, and all I kept finding were flights ranging from $375-425! With only 3 weeks left before my "unplanned-last-minute vacay" I decided to use Priceline. I used the name my own price tool and just played around with the price until VOILA!

The negotiator managed to shrink my flight price to $275 roundtrip! That's not bad for last minute! So if you're looking for GREAT flight (or even hotel) deals, try and use the NAME YOUR OWN PRICE TOOL.  There are some key things to remember with using this tool:

* Be aware of what the average flight prices are when placing your bid--you don't want to bid too low or too high, you're trying to get the BEST price!
* You will have to put in your card information, but they will not charge you if your bid is not accepted! (Don't worry--my offer wasn't accepted on the first try and my card was not charged)
* You are not allowed to pick flight times or airline carriers when using this tool!

Give a try next time you're looking for a last minute getaway!


Elle Sees said...

i do love travel tips! if you click on the Travel tab on my blog, I share loads of them

Jet-Setting Divas said...

Thanks for stopping by! We will definitely check out your blog :)