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Jet-Setter of the Month: Denise in Spain

Hi Jet-Setters!
We know that you all will be excited to read today's Jet-Setter of the Month, Denise. Read on for more details!

Tell us about how you ended up in Spain and how long you've been there.
We were in Tallinn Estonia visiting a couple of our closest friends, when we decided that we wanted to travel the Mediterranean. Our friends suggested Palma de Mallorca, Spain. So with a days notice we hopped over to Europe and ended in Palma Mallorca. We stayed for five days in the city of Porto Cristo, a beautiful and quaint town built off the coast, surrounded by turquoise waters, Marinas, Caves, Rock formations, and History. We traveled by car to other surrounding towns cities and even villages.

What are your favorite hotspots in Spain?

There is no favorite restaurant, they are all so good! When one blew your mind you would walk down the street and another would be just as great. Walking down the streets you would pass restaurants that showcased their fish, lobsters and an assortment of shell fish over ice in a clean, beautiful case. The dishes that are custom to this area are called Tapas, small snack size portions, there custom is to graze all day. Paella, is also a custom dish, and here is where you can find the fresh- most moist Paella in the world. We would very often find ourselves sitting at a table right off the water, eating Spain's famous locally grown Iberico ham. This ham is a must have, at $40 for 2 oz., it's served with melon and is one of the most spectacular dishes in the world. It can only be found in Spain and is not allowed to be exported without a license.

The Spa at our Hotel was amazing. We laid on our tables, on the beach at the waters edge, and listened to the waves as we relaxed.

There is a Row of clubs located on a street, called Playa de Palma. This road was full of European culture, many German pubs, loud Spanish salsa clubs, and people partying in the street. Every club we entered we were greeted with free beer, and loud, friendly people.

Centro Porto Pi is Palmas most popular shopping destination. It was filled with rows of home made markets, expensive name brand stores, and delicious coffee and bakery shoppes.

The historical Centre of Palma, is the oldest part of the city. We walked through the old limestone carved streets, enjoyed looking through the Old Castle, and we visited the Almudaina Palace
. We were Serenaded by men playing guitars as we walked through the court's gardens. We Stopped to watch all the human art statues. And again, stopped for coffee, ice cream, and delectable deserts about every 3 hours.

There is so much to do! We were feeling adventurous so we decided to climb the rock walls surrounding the town and went scuba diving in the 50 degree waters. We visited the caves at Cuevas de Genova, that whined into a mountain. We walked beautiful scenic hidden sidewalks also surrounding the beaches. Dined at an exclusive one table restaurant, served by the chef, on the top of a private hill, surrounded by Spanish windmills, farms, and castles.
I really left a part of my heart here. I have traveled to a handful of countries and hundreds of cities, and this by far was the most romantic, most scenic, most jaw-dropping, memorable vacation yet. We always speak of going back and buying a piece of property for ourselves because this truly is an enjoyable, relaxing, warming place. 

 What areas or neighborhoods are best for first time travelers?
The best area would be the city named after the Island. It's the center of it all, Palma Mallorca. It has everything that a first time tourist could appreciate- exciting nightlife, high dining, great shopping, good hotels. Everything a tourist wants to see.

What makes Spain different from any other city?
The culture for sure. The Catalan are very relaxed and laid back. You leave your worries back at home. This city is very quiet. The locals are nice and the land is amazing. It's very well kept, clean, and refreshing. 

Tell us about the fashion and current trends in Spain?
The fashion here is very Baltic. They don't keep track of the fashion industry much. You wear nautical and yacht clothing- very light clothes, easy shoes, laid back, and casual.

 What are some of your travel must-haves?

I normally travel very light under 40lbs (extremely hard because who doesnt want to take their Prada shoes, or a brand anme purse to match each outfit?!) but in time you learn to recycle clothing and wear it differently each time. Airline luggage weight varies from country to country. If I find that I need something, I normally just buy it at my destination, however i ALWAYS have 5 requirements:

1) Italian Leather Sandal- (normally Tory Burch) for comfort. Sandals are the most versatile foot wear.
2) Blow Dryer- Because I've noticed that not many hotels (even 5 star) carry a good blow dryer, if any.
3) Power Converter- One that converts the correct energy source to each socket because I've literally had my blow dryer catch on fire because the energy source was to powerful. dont try to save money and buy the cheap one, youll pay in the end.
4) Cell Phone- to keep in touch with my Nanny and kids back home or occasionally post on FB.
5) Large scarf- Temperatures change very drastically in some parts of the world, it can be 80 degrees during the day and it drops to the 50's at night. It has so many uses, it can be used as a blanket, a floor mat on the grass, a quick cover up in case of a spill. I've used them as dresses at the beach and so on.

What advice do you have for the rest of us Jet Setting Divas looking to travel to Spain in the future?
Don't be afraid to experiment. Don't be shy. Ask the locals for the best places. Make a couple friends and just go. Leave "Free" days in your itinerary so that you can have the opportunity to end up in the most unexpected places without a plan. Sometimes when you book with travel agency's and tour groups, you really dont get the time or the opportunity to just explore and really dive into the culture. And ALWAYS try to shy away from Tourist areas, you will find the most amazing places and things that the locals keep to themselves.

Have any of you ever been to Spain? Leave a comment and let us know about your experience!

 Happy Travels!

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I absolutely love Majorca....its like my second home. I was lucky to live and work out there for a while and instantly fell in love with the place, people, culture, everything about it!!

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