Monday, January 3, 2011

Spotlight: JetSetter of the Month

♥- Once a month, we like to spotlight other divas who love to travel like us. For January we are spotlighting Megan and her trip to Salzburg, Austria!

JSD:Tell us about how you ended up in Salzburg, Austria and how long you've been there.
Megan-I was going to Europe with my family last summer for my little sisters graduation present from high school. Everyone had their opinions on where we should go, what we should do, but everyone I talked to who had been to Salzburg said "Don't leave Europe without spending at least 2 days there!" Which is funny because after going I would say more like 4. We had all already been to so many places we figured, why not! So we went all over the place (again)... but Salzburg was by far the most incredible place we went. I plan on going back within the year...
JSD: What are your favorite Salzburg,Austria hotspots?
-Restaurants:My favorite lunch place in Salzburg is Cafe Tomaselli. The atmosphere is incredible and if you are lucky enough to get a chance to sit on the second story patio, don't miss out! For a formal dinner out go to the Stifskeller St. Peter for wonderful authentic Austrian food.The chicken schnitzel is fabulous!
-Nightlife/Bars:Best place to grab a swanky cocktail is the rooftop bar at The Hotel Stein. Overlooks the city and is absolutely gorgeous, especially if its a clear night! (An interview with Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz for their movie knight and day actually took place at this rooftop bar).My favorite hang out spot to grab a beer and hang out is St. Augusteiner. Hangar 7 is a great night spot! Has various bars (Mayday, Carpe Diem, and 360) started by the Red Bull Corp
-Shopping: The best place to shop in on Getreidegasse Lane in old town. Lots of shops, especially if you are looking for holiday decorations... Salzburg is known for its easter and christmas celebrations and likewise they have the most amazing christmas and easter displays up year round in holiday shops. Of course for the boutique/Naiman Marcus loving shoppers (like ME!) there are also incredible boutiques full of fabulous designers such as ferragamo, hermes, louis vuitton, you name it!
-Culture/Museums: Mozarts Birthplace, Mirabell Palace, Mirabell Park, Vontrap house, Salzburg Castle (unbelievable views!!), also fabulous festivals go on all summer long. The most famous of all the festivals is the Salzburg Music Festival (the same one from the Sound of Music) that happens every year, the first week in July.
-Other: The one thing that is an absolute must and you will regret it if you don't do this especially if its your first trip to Salzburg... (warning its going to sound ridiculously nerdy... BUT YOU HAVE TO!) Is the Original Sound of Music Tour. Even if you HATE the movie ... it is an afternoon tour and they take you all over Salzburg and outlying areas where the movie was f
ilmed. I went kicking and screaming... I thought it was going to be a waste of an afternoon. They drive you by Red Bull headquarters, etc.). The tour guides are hilarious and they also give great recommendations for "the latest" fun things to do in the city

JSD: What areas or neighborhoods are best for first time travelers?
Old town, Old town, Old town! It is the heart of the city. It is where the famous Salzburg Music Festival that happens every summer and has been for hundreds of years, it is the location of the majority of the good shopping, the best restaurants, everything! It is a small area and yet there is so much to see! Around every corner and nook is another little shop or cafe to discover.

JSD: What makes
Salzburg different from any other city?
I love Europe, I love going, exploring, shopping, but Salzburg was the only place that felt like tourism was an afterthought. Most of the shoppers were locals! When we went to grab a beer at St Augusteiner, we were surrounded by students from the local university. Likewise we were not treated like tourists. Everyone was so unbelievably friendly and curious about what brought us to Salzburg

JSD: Tell us about the fashion and current trends in Salzburg, Austria
The funny thing about Salzburg (and Austria in general) is that many of the people are wearing the same fashions that they had 100 years ago! Derndles and Leiderhosen are still the fashion in Austria! They had so many dress shops that were full of the darling dresses that had been warn for over a century. The f
abrics are the same. The leather is the same quality.

JSD: What are some of your travel must-haves?
1. you MUST have a large leather bag! Recommend Kooba or Marc Jacobs. As long as it has a long handle, preferably a way to wear it like a messenger bag, and a ZIPPER!! To avoid getting pick pocketed. you can fit all your goodies in there and still remain hands free... also will have plenty of room for the next item...

2. A fancy camera! I had a Nikon D-60 digital SLR Camera. They are bulky, but the photos will be well worth it. Also they are expensive. mine was around $700 total with case and polarized filter (which you will want for sunny days).

3. several copies of your passport stashed in a lot of different places. Just color photocopy it... its at least a way to help prove you are who you say you are if you get in a sticky situation and have to deal with a lost passport. It wont work like a regular passport, but it will certainly help speed up the process of getting you situation handled.

4. forget the laptop... get an international plan on your iphone/driod, etc... I don't care what anyone says... one person on the trip has to have a cell phone with data roaming. Also you can upload pics from where you are, email, etc all from the one device.

5. One wrinkle free fancy dress and heels

6. ROOM IN YOUR SUITCASE!! :) or an extra one you can stash.

JSD:What advice do you have for the rest of us Jet Setting Divas looking to travel to Salzburg, Austria in the future?
Soak it in! Enjoy every minute you are there. I cant wait to go back...

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Eric said...

Nice to hear about someone else's experience in Austria. I just spent ten days in Europe (one in Innsbruck, Austria) and absolutely loved it. Innsbruck, surrounded by mountains, is one of the most beautiful sights I've seen in my travels.

Vera said...

So glad you enjoyed visiting our little country! :) I live near Vienna but I've always had a soft spot for Salzburg.