Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Langford Market

Over the weekend two of the divas, Joy & Tiffanie discovered a trendy boutique Langford Market in the heart of the french quarters in New Orleans. There was a cool sale, where you spend $100 and they give you an additional $100 to get more merchandise. As expected, there were plenty of customers taking advantage of the sale! Watch the short clip to see the fab finds!

The cute necklace that Joy got from Langford Market

A cute outfit to wear to grab lunch with friends or maybe to a concert

A trendy look to sport to work (depending on where you work!)

Well, what do you think about the finds? Do you have a trendy boutique that is the best in your area?


Jillian said...

oooo! i went to this boutique while i visited NOLA. good stuff :) my favorite chicago shop is una mae's freak boutique in wicker park. xoxo jcd

ps i am loving your new layout/background!

Nicole said...

Okay...not only do I want to desperately go to NOLA, but the stuff you found in that boutique is adorable!!! I love it!!! Oh and thanks for the add!

Grace said...

that is so awesome!!! I wish I was there :(

Rachel + Mikis said...

Love the last outfit with blazer, what a great look!