Friday, November 26, 2010

SECURITY! Security Hassels and how to deal

♥ With holiday travels already being a headache, now we have to worry about the extra headache of full body scanners vs pat downs. If stuffing everything into one suitcase isn't enough right? Guess having you partially undress wasn't enough either? Well, no matter how much you DON'T like the new guidelines all travelers must go through the Airport Security.
Flying for the first time? Or has it been a while since you've flown? Read some of our quick tips to help make your holidays travels less of a hassel! ♥

JSD Quick Tips:
♥ Have your boarding pass and I.D. READY! This is the first checkpoint with security, and you don't want to hold up the line searching for these documents.
♥ Try to wear less to the airport! Sounds funny huh? Well believe it or not, this will save you time when you begin to put on your striptease for the TSA workers! If it's cold, try to wear ONE jacket. You will have to take off your outerwear, shoes, and belts (any accessories that will make the metal detector go off)
DON'T carry any liquids in your carry-on or purse, briefcase, etc. The TSA has special guidelines for liquids, but just in case if you have any doubts about what is acceptable
don't bring it!
ARRIVE EARLY! Lines during the holidays + the new security guidelines can really cause holdups. You don't want to miss your flight because you couldn't find your fav scarf or lost your Ipod!
DO online check-in (including bag check) to save time to stand in line for security.
♥ If you are bringing gifts along with you-do not wrap them! They may ask you to unwrap it if they feel they need to inspect it!

Now the big thing- full body scanner or pat down?? Well the full body scanner sounds quick and harmless. Pat down--is a little bit more personal, and who wants to get that personal with TSA--you don't even know their name and they're moving in to second base!
Have any questions? Check the websites of the carriers who are servicing your flights for more info!
♥Happy Holidays!♥


Marjie said...

Wearing less makes so much's shameful how we have to resort to stripping down just to ensure our safety. I mean....can't a k9 just sniff me all over?!

just a

Great post dear =)

Jet-Setting Divas said...

when people realize wearing less is might cut down on half the time we spend in the security line!

thanks for your comment!

Ari.Elle. said...

I just went through the body scanner for the first time coming back to DC from Nashville. It wasn't so bad in fact I prefer body scanner instead of someone touching me (I'm just saying). I just wrote this post about an article I found on about how alot of germs linger on an airplane and it definately grossed me out... check it out