Sunday, September 12, 2010

Travel Tips: Traveling on a Budget

Hi JetSetters! I hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend!

Although we love traveling and having a great time while doing so, we are always mindful of our expenses. In order to truly have a great trip, you have to be mindful of your budget, so that once the trip is over, you're not in debt!

Travel with a Group
There are alot of great ways to get group discounts when traveling with a large group. In addition, costs can be decreased when you are splitting a hotel room, car rental, or a tour.

Book Early...or Late
There are always perks to booking your flight or crusie in advance. The prices for a trip can dramatically increase as the travel time nears. To be on the safe side I always book no later than 21 days out from my trip. On the flipside, booking late can always have its advantages as well. On many travel websites, you will see sections for "Last Minute Flights" and you can score some great deals. This is because the airlines are trying to sell more of their seats, sot they reduce the prices.

Use your discounts
Whether you work in Corporate America, are an educator or have a AAA card, you can usually find some type of discount to use in your booking plans. Whenever booking anything for a trip, I always ask if there is a discount that I can use from my job or an organization that I'm affiliated with. Hey, it never hurts to ask! I also made sure to sign up for the Frequent Flyer programs on the airlines that I use most often. This way I can earn points towards a free flight and when you travel as much as we do, it definitely comes in handy!

So, Divas these are the rules I live by when trying to get the best deals for my trips, but I know that there are others who have some great tips as well. Feel free to share the rules you live by when trying to save and still have a fabulous trip!


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Marjie said...

you know, i've looked into travelling with groups too, and I found an agency that does that, but I haven't tried it out. Someday soon though....I'd love to see the world again =)

great post! give mine a visit when you get a chance.