Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Wanderlust Wednesday: Havana, Cuba

It's Wednesday-so you know what that means! We are back for another edition of Wanderlust Wednesday! Today, we are taking a look at a very special place: Havana, Cuba!

If most of you have been following the news, Airlines have begun offering commercial flights to the once forbidden Cuba. It has been decades since Americans were able to visit as tourist, and still today those tourist restrictions have not been completely lifted. But it's Wanderlust Wednesday! So that doesn't mean we can't dream right?? Keep reading to learn more about this dream destination!

Where is Cuba?

Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean located next to the Cayman Islands and Haiti. It also isn't too far from Florida. The capital Havana, has influences all throughout South Florida (Little Havana in Miami), but since tourist travel is so close on the horizon, why not plan to visit Havana in person!

Where to stay?
Welcome to the Melia Habana! Located along the capital city Havana's coastline, each room is designed to give beautiful views of the city and of the sea. There are also several restaurants and bars on site---you can thank us later!
Eat while enjoying the beautiful views!

What to do in Havana?

Since Americans have not been able to visit Havana, I'm sure most of us would not know what to do or see while there. Havana would be a place to get lost in history and soak up the culture-especially if it is your first visit!
You can also visit a local cigar shop and try the famous Cuban Cigar! 

What to eat while in Havana?

Because of the foodie that you are--we know you are going to want to try something different while in Havana. Why not go for some of Havana's Street Food! 

Well, we hope you have enjoyed this edition of Wanderlust Wednesday. We hope it peaked your interest in this tropical nation as well as inspired you to start thinking about your dream destination!


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