Sunday, May 22, 2011

What Kind of Traveler Are You?

Hey Jet-Setters!

I recently took this quiz over at Nextpedition American Express Travel to find out what kind of traveler I am. My Travel Profile was a "Zenturian".

Describes as...

"Welcome Zenturian. Shhhh, yes we know?you are welcome pretty much anywhere, which is good since you go just about anywhere. For you bring order out of chaos with your organic approach and digital vibe. What we're saying, Zenturian, is your traveler's aura is au natural. Some say it's your healthy appetite for food, drink and life. Others are convinced you aren't from around this cosmic plane."

What I really liked about the website is that when you book your next getaway, you can use their Travel Console which will show you the best attractions and places to visit based on your travel profile. The fun part is that it is all a mystery until each part of the trip is revealed to you day by day.

Sounds like a great way to spruce up your next vacation if you ask me! Check it out at

So Jet-Setters what do you think? Take the quiz and let me know what your travel sign is!


Nicole said...

LOL Thanks for telling us about this link :) I took the quiz and I'm a "Hiplomat"

Julie said...

I'm definitely an Adrenalista but my husband matched up with your travel personality. It definitely makes for some interesting vacations.