Saturday, August 14, 2010

The JetBlue fiasco with flight attendant Steven Slater has been getting a lot of publicity. For those who don't know what's going on with Steven Slater, in short-he was a flight attendant who lost his cool on a flight. He was being rude to passengers before and during the flight-and then took 2 beers and the emergency slide exit once his performance was over. What an ending?!While we will never know exactly what happened, it's important to remember that both the flight attendants and passengers HAVE to respect each other--even if it's been a long layover, flight or what have you. This fiasco is the reason why we're doing a post on Flight Etiquette.

So whether you are an experienced traveler or a beginner, here are a few things to keep in mind to make the flight go smoothly-for you and your flight attendants!

Tip 1- Pay attention to the flight attendants!
-So what you've flown 15 times and know how to buckle your seatbelt, where the nearest exits are in case of an emergency etc. It's rude to talk over people while they're talking and plus there may be some passengers who don't know this information! Let them talk. Besides, I'm sure they're tired of repeating the same lines every few hours!

Tip 2- Keep the noise down
- It's always good to have an Ipod or mp3 player to listen to your music to get through the flight, but don't have it sooo loud to where it may disturb the person sitting next to you. You have headphones for a reason!

Tip 3- Control your children
- There is nothing more aggravating then trying to sleep or relax during a flight and someones toddler is hitting your headrest or kicking the back of your seat. Try to keep an eye on your little one.

Tip 4-Be polite
- Sure long flights and layovers will wear you out; but how do you think flight attendants feel? Try to be mindful of this and manage to be polite. It doesn't hurt to smile, say thanks, or no thank you.

Tip 5- Help other passengers
- Putting your carryons in the overhead storage can sometimes be a hassle-especially for women and the elderly. This can cause a back up of boarding passengers. If you can, help the next person and boarding will go by faster.

Tip 6- Don't Litter
-The worst thing to do is to leave trash behind! Don't leave behind your Subway sandwich wrapping or potato chip bag. When the flight attendants come around to ask if you have trash--just give it to them! If you miss the trash go round, bring your trash and empty it in the nearest trash can! No one wants to come behind you and use your seat pocket, only to find you left junk behind!

Well these are the tips we fly by! What else should travelers remember when traveling? We'd love to hear your ideas!

Happy Traveling!


EmDottie said...

Good tips. Especially the controlling the kids tip. It irks me to noooooo end to have screaming kids on the plane and parents not doing anything. I just wanna smack the parents lol.

Jen said...

Good tips! I tend to think the passenger in this situation was probably all kinds of obnoxious and rude.

Roxy said...

I'm definitely on Steven Slater's side. I don't know what makes passengers think they have the right to be so rude to flight attendants.

SavedthruLove said...

i'm looking forward to more posts ladies! one thing i have yet to experience in my adult life (i rode a plane at age 2 does NOT count) is travel and fly. I'm excited to read about women with class traveling and sharing their stories. I pray I get to live a bit VICARIOUSLY hahaha through you guys. be blessed in your travels and keep writing!

Lis said...

Great tips! I love traveling and yes, I have flown so many times that I've lost count. In my opinion, the more experienced travelers should be the less obnoxious ones. Because we have all been there through the long layovers and annoying passengers. We've seen rude and obnoxious passengers, and have witnessed the way they treat their peers as well as the flight attendants. I never want to be in that group. Patience and courtesy really go a long way when traveling!